#N515 Fondant 50 lbs $124.95

  Fondant is the PERFECT bee food!!  Shp Wt. 50 lbs. (Shape will vary)

Fondant is easy to form and place in the hive! Easy for the bees to consume. In the winter months, it helps absorb dangerous moisture that often kills colonies.


  • Easy to use and helps prevent starvation when the bees start to come out of the winter
  • Fondant appears to attract fewer wasps and doesn’t encourage robbing by other bees
  • Fondant encourages later brood rearing
  • Most fondant is 80/20 (sugar to corn syrup), this fondant is 90/10 (sugar to corn syrup)
#N515 Fondant 50 lbs $124.95
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Price $124.95