#N525 Protein Global Patties 25% Pollen (5 pk) $22.95

Protein Patties 25% Pollen (5 pk). Bees need both protein and carbohydrate for good build-up and to produce large honey crops. Feed protein patties in spring to ensure colony health, maximum build-up and maximum production for the entire year, and reduce losses and dwindling the following winter. Patties ensure a balanced diet when bees are unable to forage due to weather, short of stored pollen in monoculture areas where only a few pollen sources, are too weak to forage, subject to competition from stronger hives in the yard, stressed by weather, pesticides, mites and diseases. And the patties also save labor checking queens: Patty consumption gives a quick indication of queen and colony condition. Patties are easy to move around on top bars and share between hives.

Feeding Directions: 1 to 4 patties per hive. Do not remove wax paper. The paper prevents patties from sticking together and allows the patties to be softer to make them easier to handle, & to crush more easily under hive lids. The bees access the patty through the holes & chew up the remaining paper. 5 patties per pack.

Ingredients: yeast, soy, pollen*, BeePro®, and sugar.

*Pollen in the formula is irradiated by Iotron for prevention of bee disease.

#N525  Protein Global Patties 25% Pollen (5 pk)  $22.95
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Price $22.95