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#E443 Uncapping Roller w/Plastic Pins $15.95

#E443 Uncapping Roller w/Plastic Pins $15.95

Roll over capped comb and the spikes break open each cell so the honey can be extracted. Fast and easy to use. Can be used on all frames. Ship wt. 3lbs.

#N705 Deep Commercial Nuc (w/Finger Joints) - Unassembled $49.95

Deep Commercial Nuc - Complete: includes one deep nuc body with finger joints, telescoping top, inner cover, IPM screened bottom board, entrance reducer. Frames and foundation sold separately. Shp Wt. 15 lb.

#P572 Plastic Drone Frame 6-1/4" $3.50 (ea.)

#P572 Plastic Drone Frame 6-1/4" $3.50 (ea.)

Drone foundation will draw varroa mites to reproduce in the drone cells. Once the drone pupae are capped, but before they emerge, remove the frame and place in the freezer overnight to kill the brood and varroa. Scrape open the cappings and...

Beekeeping Class for Beginners April 7, 2018 $49.95

Beekeeping Class for Beginners April 7, 2018  $49.95

Beekeeping Book included. Date: April 7, 2018. Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Location: Valley Bee Supply, 46 Tinkling Spring Road , Fishersville, VA 22939. Prepayment required, no cancellations, no refunds.

#G800 Mini Honey Pot with Dipper -Joie

#G800  Mini Honey Pot with Dipper -Joie

Mini honey pot with dipper. Shp Wt 1 lb

Mason Jar Lid (1) $0.75

Mason Jar Lid (1) $0.75

Mason Jar Lid (1).  Shp Wt. 6 oz.

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